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Did God Really Create The Earth? - The Case For A Creator

When discussions turn to God and religion, one of the topics that most commonly comes up is evolution/creation. Most people have been taught in school for so many years that mankind evolved from apes and that the world around us is one big accident that they never even consider if there might be evidence for the other side of the argument.

The reality is that there is evidence. Huge, massive quantities of evidence that God created this world and that He exists.

But the reality is that most Christians do not know about the evidence that God created the earth, and those who do are not usually able to communicate it in an eloquent or logical way.

That is where scholars like Lee Strobel come in. Lee Strobel is an ex-lawyer and an-atheist who has produced some of the very best materials for defending the Christian faith. In particular, his video entitled "The Case For A Creator" does an outstanding job of laying out some of the key evidence that shows that God created the universe, this world and mankind.

If you find yourself at a loss when you get into a debate with an evolutionist, then you NEED to watch this video. It will load you up with enough ammunition to crush the feeble arguments of the typical evolutionist.

A video preview of the DVD is posted at the end of this article. You can also find the DVD on Amazon.com by following the link below.....

The Case for a Creator

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