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The Biblical Festivals In The Old Testament Are Actually Prophecies That Contain Amazing Evidence For Christianity

The vast majority of Christians have absolutely no idea that the Biblical festivals in the Old Testament are actually extraordinary prophecies that contain amazing evidence for Christianity.

On our new site, Why God, we have posted an article that goes into great detail about the prophetic details of these holidays. This is material that you will NOT find in any Christian book store, so we encourage all of you to go on over and check it out.

But even though God had His people celebrate holidays of such prophetic importance for centuries and centuries before the coming of Christ, the reality is that very few people ever got it.

The Jews still celebrate the festivals but they never realized that the Biblical festivals were all about Yahshua (Jesus). The Christians tossed the festivals aside and started celebrating pagan holidays such as Easter and Christmas instead.

Oh, you didn't know that Christmas and Easter were pagan?

A spring festival for the fertility goddess involving Easter eggs and bunny rabbits was celebrated all over the world for centuries before Jesus was born.

And December 25th was the birthday of many pagan "gods" long before Jesus came to earth. Almost all of the current Christmas traditions can be directly traced back to pagan practices. In fact, there is nothing about December 25th in the Bible. For those not aware of the pagan origins of Christmas, we would encourage them you to watch this short YouTube video.....

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Josh Whaley said...

I grant you that Jesus was not born on the 25th of December anyone with any knowledge of history can tell you that and likewise that Jesus was not strung up on the cross the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring.

However After having read the article you referred to I can say you really need to brush up on your logic as does the writer of that article.

1.) Passover easter stuff - As stated before Jesus was not executed during this time so that entire association goes out the window
2.) Feast of the Pentecost this association goes out of its way to make a point. The whole holy spirit pouring out stuff is a relativity minor event in Christian faiths and does not according to the article happen concerned with the Jewish feast
3.) Xmas - your assumption about the dates when Jesus was born is wholly and completely speculation. In fact in all likelihood Jesus was born in the spring there was no room at the inn because the romans were conducting a census (re-read the bible and you will see this reference) also baby animals (born in the spring)

Overall - Christianity is an offshoot religion of Judaism as Islam as such it would be logical to conclude that important events would "coincide". One does not need prophecy to explain this but only the understanding of cause and effect this is not proof Christianity is "truth" nor can any such evidence ever be produced. Further the sum of this augment is disrespectful to the Jewish faith and the meaning these holidays and festivals have for them.

This of it this way I can make up a religion; we can all worship the flying spaghetti monster and partake of his meaty balls in celebration of his birth on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox and then I can claim Jesus execution was prophetic of the spaghetti monsters birth.

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