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"Darwin Day" - Charles Darwin's Birthday Demonstrated How Much The Apostate Church Has Embraced Evolution

Much was made of Charles Darwin's birthday last week. One secularist group even celebrated the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin by putting ads on billboards that encourage people to "Evolve Beyond Belief".

But that is what we have come to expect from atheists and secularists. On "Darwin Day", myths were paraded about as facts, and everyone in the secular world pretended that Charles Darwin was a great man of science.

But now the "church" has embraced Darwin too?

Instead of protesting Darwinism and demonstrating how the science clearly shows that it is wrong, many churches were actually celebrating Charles Darwin's birthday.

Even some evangelical churches were celebrating it.

What kind of nonsense is that?

The Roman Catholics have gone just about all the way in embracing Darwinism. Just check out this article entitled: The Vatican Declares That Charles Darwin Was Right After All!

We were stunned when we learned the extent to which the Roman Catholics have absolutely shunned the idea of Intelligent Design.

What in the world is happening?

I suppose this is all part of the apostasy of the last days.

Churches all over the world are turning away from sound doctrine, and those of us who still embrace it will need to speak more loudly than ever in support of the truth.

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bobxxxx said...

"What in the world is happening?"

Not all religious people are as willfully ignorant as you are. Some people would rather study evolutionary biology than be afraid of it like you are.

What do you know about Tiktaalik and Maiacetus? They're fossils. Look it up.

What do you know about endogenous retroviruses? They are important evidence for evolution from molecular biology.

Your total ignorance of science, and your obvious fear of science, disgraces your religion. Your denial of the proven facts of evolutionary biology is telling intelligent young people who love science that only ignorant people become Christians.

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