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Atheism's Best Kept Secret

Do you know what atheism's best kept secret is?

Atheists believe that nothing created everything.

That sounds totally ridiculous, doesn't it?

They even admit it on television.

Just check out this stunning video.....

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Ben Kegerise said...

And Christianity's view that a magic man done it makes a lot more sense.
Atheists don't believe that nothing created everything. Everything always was. The first law of thermodynamics is that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Very simply energy did not have to come from anywhere, it simply always was. Humans have an innate need to place an origin on everything because out limited minds have difficulty comprehending the idea of eternity. Time does not only extend indefinitely forewords, but also indefinitely back. To put it all together, if at any point in time there was energy (now would be a great example) using the first law of thermodynamics we can deduce that there was always energy and there will always be energy.

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