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Zeitgeist Refuted: A Fantastic Movie Which Completely Exposes The Lies, Misrepresentations And Outright Fraud Of Zeitgeist

Many of you have either seen or heard of the horrible anti-Christian internet "documentary" named Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist contains so many lies, exaggerations and outright fraudulent statements that it is hard to even know where to begin when someone brings it up in an argument. It is a documentary that is doing quite a bit of harm to those who are seeking the truth about Christianity, and it is imperative for Christians to know how to fight back against the horrible lies in the film.

There are some really good resources out there for fighting back, and one of them is the film entitled "Zeitgeist Refuted" which is posted below. If you have watched Zeitgeist and you have questions about material in that film, then I would definitely encourage you to watch Zeitgeist Refuted:


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