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The Truth About The Development Of The New Testament Canon And Why The Davinci Code Is Wrong

Have you ever studied the development of the New Testament canon?

Have you ever thought much about where the New Testament came from?

Do you know when the New Testament documents were first considered to be scripture?

Do you know how to respond to the challenges of skeptics, atheists and the Davinci Code regarding the origin of the New Testament?

The film posted below explores the claim that the documents of the New Testament were selected by Rome in the 4th century.

It examines the following questions:

-Is there evidence that the New Testament documents were already considered Scripture in the first century?

-Did the early church leaders of the 2nd and 3rd centuries tell us what they considered Scripture to be?

-What is the Muratorian Fragment and why is it important to this discussion?

-Who is Irenaeus and what did he have to say about the gospels?

-Are the claims of Dan Brown, the author of the Davinci Code, credible at all?

-How extensively did the early church leaders quote from the New Testament before the 4th century?

-Did the apostle Paul and the apostle Peter have anything to say regarding the New Testament canon?

-After viewing the stunning film below you will never look at the development of the New Testament canon the same way again:

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