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Is There Scientific Evidence For Evolution?

Today, the vast majority of all scientists in the world believe in the theory of evolution.  It is the overwhelming viewpoint of those in the academic community in almost every major industrialized nation.  But is it true?  Is there actually scientific evidence for evolution?  Of is it necessary to accept the theory of evolution on blind faith.

Well, let's hear from a top evolutionist who wrote a book on the matter....

"I fully agree with your comments on the lack of direct illustration of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly have included them. You suggest that an artist should be used to visualise such transformations, but where would he get the information from? I could not, honestly, provide it, and if I were to leave it to artistic license, would that not mislead the reader?"

-Dr. Colin Patterson, senior paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History (and a hardcore evolutionist), in a letter to Luther Sunderland, April 10, 1979.

Do you understand what Dr. Colin Patterson is saying there?  He is admitting that he did not know of a single transitional fossil that he could include in his book on evolution.
The truth is that the scientific evidence for evolution simply is not there.  For much more on what the scientific evidence really shows, please read a nearly 4000 word article that I recently posted on The Last Days entitled "How To Disprove Evolution".
Once you learn the facts, you will be horrified that you ever believed in the theory of evolution.  It is a complete and total hoax.
It is time to get educated.  If you are new to the creation/evolution debate, we would very much encourage you to go watch Lee Strobel's great documentary entitled "The Case For A Creator" which is now posted on YouTube.  The following is Part 1 of 10....

As we have explained so many times, there is a ton of evidence for Christianity and the facts always lead us to God.

If you are curious about how you can give your life to Jesus Christ and become a Christian, we very much encourage you to check out our article entitled "What Does The Bible Say About Salvation?"  It goes into a great amount of detail explaining how you can have your sins forgiven and receive eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

If you have any questions, please post a comment below and we will do our best to answer them.

1 comment:

Josh Whaley said...

You are a transitional species!

You might want to look into punctuated equilibrium.

Also if the scientific evidence for evolution was not there why do so many scientist accept it (note I did not say believe because you really can't 'believe' an objective fact) If its a hoax to what end or purpose?

Evolution is seen everyday for example
a.) bacterial resistance to antibiotics
b.) the rise of roundup resistant weeds
c.) the spread of engineered genes to non GMOs

Also if you don't accept evolution why do you accept
a.) germ theory
b.) the theory of gravity.

as Karl Popper once wrote "If there is no possible way to determine whether a statement is true then that statement has no meaning whatsoever"

Since god(s) can not be proven the statement has no meaning.

Even if there were no support for evolution there are still many other falsifiable alternatives that do not require an invisible magic man in the sky

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