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Is Ida The Missing Link? Darwinius Masillae Debunked

Evolutionists are hailing the discovery of "Ida" as the "missing link" that they have been looking for all this time.

But wait a minute.

Didn't they already tell us that evolution was a proven fact?

Didn't they tell us that they tell us that they already had all the evidence that they needed?

Well, they are now admitting the truth that they did not have the transitional forms they needed for their theory, but now they say that they have found one.

Oh goody!

Well, on closer examination, it appears that this "lemur-like" creature is not such a great find after all. Just check out this YouTube video.....

As other scientists have been given the opportunity to study this "great discovery", the reality is that there are serious doubts about whether it supports the theory of evolution at all.....


The truth is that evolution needs transitional forms in order to prove their theory. According to their theory, there should be millions of them.

But there aren't.

And Ida is quickly being debunked as just another overhyped fossil.

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