Evidence For Christianity

Documenting The Overwhelming Evidence For The Christian Faith

If You Like This Blog Then You Will Love Our New Website

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, then you will love our new website entitled "Why God?"

The new site discusses a lot of the reasons why God exists, why Christianity is true and why everyone should become a Christian.

Some of the key articles that you should check out on the new site include.....

*Questions For Atheists

*Mocking Christianity?

*The Creation/Evolution Debate

*Did You Know There Was A Prophecy Of The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ 1000 Years Ahead Of Time?

We really believe that this new website will make an impact on a lot of people. Check it out and let us know what you think. If you think the new website is good, please link to it and please get the word out about it to everyone that you know.

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