Evidence For Christianity

Documenting The Overwhelming Evidence For The Christian Faith

8 Really Good Reasons Why Christianity Is True

In a world of logic, reason and science, why do millions of people still follow a religion that is nearly 2000 years old? How can any faith compete with the collective knowledge and wisdom of modern society? Isn't it time to start demanding that religions either stand up to the rigors of intellectual investigation or be discarded in the name of progress?

Mankind has had greater advances in education and science over the past 100 years than ever before. Once upon a time the horse and buggy were cutting edge technology, but now we fly around in jet aircraft. Our knowledge of physics, astronomy and other sciences has absolutely exploded. So why does anyone still listen to an ancient religion that is thousands of years old?

Everywhere you go on the internet today, and I mean EVERYWHERE, there are debates going on about Christianity, and these debates can get incredibly heated. Some of the best minds and some of the best educated people in the world claim to have the answers. Atheists, skeptics, philosophers, preachers, bloggers and other self-appointed religious experts are constantly battling for the intellectual high ground.

So who is right?

Do logic, reason and modern science have anything to say about religion?

Can religion survive in an era when most of the people are educated and when many people look at religious claims with skepticism?

When skeptics attack most religions, they DO indeed have the intellectual high ground. For when one closely examines such "faiths" as Islam or Hinduism one does find that logic, reason and real, hard evidence are directly contradictory to these religious systems.

However, Christianity is the one faith that is different in this regard. It is our assertion that there is absolutely no conflict between Christianity and the truth.

If you make the decision to actually investigate these matters objectively, you will find that Christianity has a MOUNTAIN of evidence to support it. Those who have actually studied these things with an open mind know the truth.

Dr. Simon Greenleaf (Harvard University - one of the greatest professors of Law in U.S. history) once said: "According to the laws of legal evidence used in courts of law, there is more evidence for the historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ than for just about any other event in history."

Have you ever spent much time wondering if Christianity is true or not?

Perhaps you should.

We have studied these matters for over 20 years, and we have come to the conclusion that after you have asked all the questions, and after you have done all the research, the evidence does lead to an overwhelming conclusion:

Christianity is true.

But the sad reality is that the vast majority of Christians do not know how to defend the Christian faith. Why? Because the church has done an absolutely MISERABLE job of teaching people about the evidence for Christianity. So when Christians come up against atheists, skeptics and self-appointed, know-it-all "experts" they don't know how to respond to their questions.

We would encourage all of you to investigate these matters for yourself.

The following are 8 really good reasons why Christianity is true.....

#1) The world around us reveals that God DOES exist. The following short videos were produced by an ex-atheist and ex-evolutionist who is a graduate of Yale Law School. These videos drive atheists and skeptics crazy, but for a more complete treatment of this topic, please read Strobel's excellent book entitled "The Case For A Creator":


#2) The historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth:


#3) There is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead:


#4) All of these things about Jesus were prophetically foretold by God in the Bible with specificity:

(Click "Watch" to view the presentation)



#5) There is massive evidence that Jesus is doing miracles in our day:


#6) There are thousands of stories of Jesus appearing to people all over the globe:




#7) Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass right in front of our eyes:


#8) Credible witnesses have seen the afterlife and have come back and reported to us that it is precisely as the Bible describes:




The truth is that the afterlife is very real, so make the right choice and give your life to Jesus Christ today:


If you have been persuaded by the evidence and you are interested in becoming a Christian, the following link is a place where you can learn more:



SSkaggs said...

...actually I think Christians have a hard time defending their faith because they realize these arguments sound exactly like what they are: baseless, unproveable blabbering of crackpot theorists. Only the very uneducated use these arguments in religious debate.

fromthewilderness said...

actually I believe SSkaggs and many like this person have a hard time defending his/her position.......you attack Christians and their belief with virulent name calling yet offer nothing in the way of proof to the contrary...........what exactly are you bringing to the debate.......if your belief is to 'not believe' in God/Jesus Christ so be it...to ridicule others because they choose to live their lives in accordance to spiritual guidance doesn't bother me....obviously the mere mention of it seems to bother your conscience......

Anonymous said...

The Coffers have been looted by it's own Politicians, Bankers & Corporate Elite, record unemployment, U.S. is Now a nation of Torture, Record debt in the Trillions of $$$, Voting Fraud, Involvement in Numerous Wars, US Currency near Worthless, Foreign nations buying up US property, 27 Pharmaceutical drugs found in Drinking water, Forced Mercury laden vaccinations, Record high Cancer rates, Heart disease & Diabetes, unaffordable Healthcare, Jobs out sourced overseas, Jack-boot-brutal Law Enforcement, Corporate Elite Corruption, just to name a few tiny problems,.... Now, can you Tell me again how the nature of Secular Mankind has changed (Advanced) in 2000 Years?,... All, is Vanity.

Ms Daisy said...

This is interesting but all the evidence you give is in fact based on the bible, yet the stories of the bible cannot be proven as factual. I’m not saying at a supreme being does not exist, it very well may, but I believe the bible and religion to be the creation of man. I have a blog where we are debating this very thing, as well as the issues of right-winged Christian influence in government policy. Please join in on our discussion; we’d love to debate this with you. http://bloggingwithmsdaisy.blogspot.com/2009/04/religion-debate.html

Janus said...

There's a show on Sci-Fi called Ghost Hunters that does a better job proving Ghosts exist, but if you go and tell someone you saw a Ghost they probably wouldn't believe you.

mcgreer said...

Seriously, the bible is so ridiculous, it does not even deserve the effort of debating:

- The bible claims the earth is 4000 years old, but in reality it is 5.5 billion years old
- The bible said god created the universe in 7 days, but in reality the universe is 13 billion years old as proven by the laws of physics
- The bible claims that Adam and Eve were the first two humans on the planet, but science proves life evolved in the Sahara 100,000 years ago.
- The bible claims all people were created equal - what about people born retarded or better looking?
- The bible uses fear to coerce me into believing
- The church persecuted scientists in the 1500's like Capernicus and Galileo for figuring our how the solar system REALLY works.

Raidan33 said...

Response (1 of 2)
In response to the previous post. The person may not realize it but evolution is a religion. It takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does Christianity. Evolutionist believe they came from rocks. After billions of years of rain on rocks it created a pre-biotic soup that eventually lead to man...by accident and against incredible odds.
1) What proof do evolutionist have that the earth is billions of years old? Carbon dating? Look into this method of aging and it is serious flawed. How can you have all different ages from the same mammoth?
2) Earth is aging incredibly fast, about 100 years ago scientists said the earth was 10,000 years old and since then it has kept climbing over the years until the current age of 5 billion. I’m glad to hear they have the age down so pat.
3) The Big Bang Theory is a dud. Billions of years ago a tiny spinning dot exploded. When things explode fragments fly away from the explosion in a spread. Why do we then have clusters of galaxies? Matter should have been spread away from each other, further from the center the farther each piece should go away from each other.
4) If this spinning dot exploded, why do we have galaxies spinning in different directions? What happened to the “Conservation of Angular momentum”?
5) Even more curious, why in our own galaxy do we have moons on other planets spinning in two different directions?
6) Why is that we only see stars die and not being birthed? Perhaps because of Boyle’s Law? The heat generated from gases coming together pushes them back apart, what is the sun made out of?
7) The earth is slowing down, hence leap seconds and years. Just how fast was the earth going billions of years ago? This explains why the dinosaurs were so big, if they weren’t they would have spun off the earth into space!
8) The moon is moving away from the earth every year. (Weaker magnetic field) Just how close was the moon to the earth billions of years ago? I know what happened to the dinosaurs, they got mooned to death! (Look into the inverse square law in association to the distance of the moon in relation to the earth.) Look out, sunami!
9) Life couldn’t exist without some key factors: ability to assimilate food, excrete waste, find food, replicate and have an environment that is inhabitable. Creation answers these problems within 6 days. Evolution on the other hand expects billions of years. So how long did the eye go without the eyelid?

Raidan33 said...

10) Genetic research is now supporting a literal Adam and Eve. If you think about it, both sides should agree to this since life had to start somewhere!
11) If people been around for millions of years, uhhh, where’s all the people. In a few thousand years we grew the population to 6 billion. If you reverse the growth rate it surprisingly takes us back about 4,500 years. What a coincidence, that is about the time of Noah’s flood!
12) Scientists proof for ancient man is bone fragments. Look into the bones belonging to Lucy. The forensic artists are amazing! From a few bones they drew ape-like man walking bipedal. From those bones they knew the creature had hair all over and had a split toe though no foot bones were found. Hmmmmm
13) Equality, I believe that is a misguided question. The Bible said sin corrupted the original creation. That is like buying a wrecked Honda and complaining to Honda why they made such a lousy product. The original was just fine.
14) True Christianity is not about force, you should read the Bible for yourself and discover the truth for yourself. Remember, Christianity is made up of people with problems like everyone else. People will and have screwed up in the name of Christianity. Christianity is about sharing the truth and let each person accept or reject God. God allows free will so, it is your choice.
15) The church persecuting scientists relates to the comment above. However, it is a two-way street. The Bible said the earth was round (in the book of Job) and it took science thousands of years to realize this fact. (Remember, the world used to be flat and believed by the MAJORITY of the science community.)
16) The Bible also taught that if you touch a dead person that you needed to wash. Again, thousands of years later an Italian doctor wondered why the mortality rate of mother and child was so bad. He had his doctors start washing hands between looking at dead people and birthing babies. Miraculously the survival rate jumped! But, the scientists persecuted this man and he eventually lost his job.
17) Lately, scientists have been excited about water in space but guess what, the Bible said there was water in space thousands of years earlier!
18) Why is the Bible used so heavily for archeological digs, because it has been right. The Bible hasn’t been wrong yet, perhaps it is also right about everyone needing a savior.

Joe-Anna said...

You are not actually supposed to believe that the world was built in seven days and Adam and Eve and all that crap. These are PARABLES. No sane Christian believes them. Parables are made up stories to make a point, like many nursery stories. They teach you morals. Go try and tell someone who lived 2000 years ago that the world was created in some big explosion and that we used to be monkeys and they will just laugh at you.

Chadski95 said...

You can't use a bible to support your theories, because the bible is not fact. The Bible is a book.

Anonymous said...

To the person above, you can use the Bible just as much as you can use Darwin's origin of species. People use books to support their beliefs all the time, it just depends on the reliability of the book to determine whether your faith is valid.

If you're wondering how reliable the Bible actually is you should read the article posted in #3

It makes some excellent points.
I have been doing research of my own to find out what I believe and why, this article really helped.

There is only one truth and I hope you all find it.

tfay2 said...

Atheists dont even have an argument to why God doesnt exist. They just bash christians for their explanations for GOD'S existence, which is bs. Science just explains the way God operates in this physical world. What do u ppl not understand about that. Like u atheists really believe that existence can come from nonexistence? A brownie wont appear in my hand because it just happens to, i have to make it first. So how can something so complex as existence just occur on its own? That makes absoutely zero sense. Im not here to argue the numerical accuracy of the bible or science. The fact is Jesus is the Son who paid the price for our wickidness, the holy spirit is who is always with us helping us stay in His light, and the Father is looking down on us with unimaginable love, we are so lucky to have such a merciful God. We are all spiritual beings put here for an experience. I hope u all find Jesus and accept him as the way. He is all we have. God bless!

Will said...

With regards to the young earth/old earth argument: A movie came out where I live, and tho it involved a fictional story, it raised the point of the two views (young and old) both being true. It dealt with time dilation due to gravity, space, and a other physics related things I don't completely understand. Essentially, in the here and now, our observations reveal the world to be around 15 billion years old, but from the vantage point of light (which God could obviously see the world from) it may have taken only 6 days for everything to play out. Thus, when he spoke to Moses and Moses wrote down the world was made in 6 days (and of course the possibility that 'day' is not to be taken as a 24 hr period exists), that is how it appeared from the vantage point of light, but our observations here make it longer.

Nelis said...

Joe-Anna, sorry to break this to you, but if you are a true Christian, bible believing Christian you will believe the 6 day creation. When Jesus used a parable, He didnt use any names, for example "there was a man/woman" etc. If you do your own research, you will see the evidence points to a young earth. Rained33 posted a very good comment. Don't just say what other people say, do your own research, dig a bit and you will see the truth. The evolutionists dont have any evidence, they think they may have because they look through the evolution glasses.Look at their proof, analize it, how many missing links have been found to be false? ALL OF THEM!! why dont we have any missing links? (we dont only need 1 for humans, we need million of missing links for every species on earth). We cant find any becuase there arn't any.

Josh said...

Raidan33 is completely correct. I'm so glad that some people can understand and argue correctly about the Biblical history.

OX said...

raidan33, there are a lot oh holes in your "facts". Let me start by saying that I don't believe in evolution, I really don't believe in anything. But about when the universe exploded and there are clusters of galaxies, who said there is a certain way things have to explode? And as for the moons it's most likely moons were fragments moving through the universe and were caught by the planet's gravity. As for the eyelids argument, wow, just wow... The reason there aren't billions of people, if you ever studied European history you would know about the disease and hardships before modern medicine. The black death took out 2/3 of the population of Europe. 4,500 years ago I cant even imagine the disease.
I really don't know where we came from, but I'm not expecting pearl gates when I die, nor am I expecting a burning inferno. Remember what it was like before you were born? That's what death will be like. So I know Christians wont be disappointed, because you'll be dead and wont realize you're disappointed.

Katherine said...

If there's anything I know for sure, it's that God is love. If you read the Bible, you will find truth. I think the reason why many of God's children have chosen to shun Him is because they do not know Him, and have not yet been willing to answer his call, they remain ignorant. Read the Bible, pray for yourself, and perhaps you'll find what you have been yearning for all your life: love.

Yong Suk said...

Relegion is something humans came up with to give themselves hope in times of trouble, to keep them sane.

Gnarlypie1 said...

Personally im an atheist and don't believe in religion cause i think its weird. But I have many religious friends and i don't care in what they believe its there opinion and there in tilted in there opinion and if it makes them happy to believe in Christianity then who cares it doesn't mean there a bad person because of it.

Z said...

Raidan 33, that was a very informative comment full of valid points and research, but there are a few things I have a problem with.

1)As technology improves, scientists are developing more accurate models, in their opinion, to calculate the age of the Earth. 100 years ago almost every scientific measurement was relatively inaccurate and full of holes.

2)Your Big Bang argument assumes that it was a controlled explosion, but it was unpredictable and it is impossible to determine how spread out galaxies and particles would be. There are many other theories against the Big Bang, such as the Horizon theory, but I think your argument was not the best.

3) Population growth generally follows an exponential model, this is true when analyzing even bacteria, therefore the growth of the human population would not gradually increase, but it would explode as we gain new technology and immunities.

Other than that, great comment, I find this argument very interesting.

Cameron Thompson said...

I think that the Bible is INCREDIBLY hard to prove factually, and basically won't be done ever. However, although science may prove that evolution may be true or whatnot, I won't believe it ever. I know that God exists and that he loves me and I love Him! You can't tell it with facts, but you can't argue with the truth of a testimony. Btw, I am 13 and saying this, soooo, yeah. God isn't just for old people who some might see as crazy.

Cameron Thompson said...

Personally, I don't think that someone can really be convinced with the Gospel unless God shows himself to them, you can't do it factually, except for on rare occasions. But I do support everything said in this blog thing. I love God with all my heart, and you can't argue with that, and it's not just a kind of religous sort of allegiance to God or something, and it's not based solely off of stuff like "oh, you did this wrong, repent or burn forever," He loves us, but as we get to know Him more, we end up wanting to be more like Him (like how most of the people we hang out with make impacts on us) and we WANT to follow the commandments He gives, and even when we mess up, He forgives, which is the best part. By the way, I'm 14 and saying this, and I'm quite sane, soooooo yeah. : )

Rob said...

faith is unprovable ..You can only demonstrate your faith....you can never prove what is beyond this world if anything...itcomes down to faith...that is the truth and the only truth....proving whether a man was named Jesus existed is not proving anything in relation to afterlife. All I am saying here is it comes down to faith.....FACT

Rellee said...

People get mad a Christians because Christians say that "Their religion is the true religion." However, if you look at all the religions (atheism included), they are all contradictory so that means either only one is right and the others are wrong, or they are all wrong. So SOMEONE is wrong, and whose to say that Christian cannot defend their own beliefs?

Anyways, you can't fight a person into heaven. That doesn't work. God has to lead the way and open up their heart. All those commenting that Christianity is a crack, that's because their hearts are closed. Only God can open them.

matthewcratin said...

Everyone on here makes some very interesting points, but in the end I have to agree with Cameron. There is more to life and love then evolution can answer. I truly believe that you have to invite the truth (Jesus Christ) into your heart. Confusing and troublsome issues will not play as big of a role when you see the mercy and love of an awsome God in day-to-day life. Raidan 33, thank you for the intelligent perspective of our side of the argument. Christianity could use as much scientifically cohesive evidence as possible.

Anonymous said...

"#1) The world around us reveals that God DOES exist."
Complexity in nature is NOT an argument for a creator. Because if the universe HAD to be created, the question becomes, "Well, who created God?" And if you answer with "God is infinite and doesn't need to be created," then the same can be said of the universe.

"#2) The historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth."
That doesn't mean he was the son of God. Lots of people claim to be prophets and deities reincarnated, but see, in the modern world we call that MENTAL ILLNESS.

"#3) There is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead."
So did Rasputin and Aleister Crowley. But no one worships them.

"#4) All of these things about Jesus were prophetically foretold by God in the Bible with specificity."
Lots of things have been prophecied. People have dreams about the future ALL the time. Just look at how many people had dreams about 9/11 before it happened. That doesn't make them holy or worthy of worship.

"#5) There is massive evidence that Jesus is doing miracles in our day."
What, like allowing children in Somalia to starve to death and allowing children to get cancer?

"#6) There are thousands of stories of Jesus appearing to people all over the globe."
People have also witnessed and interacted with gods from Hinduism (Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna) and gods from Egyptian mythology (Set, Osiris, Isis, Ra) and even Roman and Greek gods (Gaia, Zeus, etc.) Personal experience is not a valid argument as long as they all contradict each other. In modern days, we call that a hallucination.

"#7) Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass right in front of our eyes."
All Revelation really "prophecied" was stuff that happens ALL the time: wars, famines, diseases, earthquakes, etc. So every time a natural diaster occurs, you think it's the end of the world. But it's really just business as usual.

"#8) Credible witnesses have seen the afterlife and have come back and reported to us that it is precisely as the Bible describes."
I love how you failed to mention that NOT EVERY near death experience involves a heaven-like place. People have also returned from the dead and described other after lives, and many people remember living lives in the past (reincarnation, anyone?).

You're only pointing out "evidence" that supports you, instead of giving the full story.
Try harder next time.

Anonymous said...

whatever religion is right or it might be that theyr all wrong but God exists for sure. look around his signs are there everywhere.
one more thing evolution theory is not a fact and it has thousands of flaws. try be open minded and also read them sometimes.

C.J. said...

@ Peter Griffin:
evolution IS a fact. It has been proven to occur countless times, from brief periods of time like a few years to across millions of years. The THEORY you're referring to is Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection, which is one attempt to explain how evolution works. There are many other explanations for evolution, all of which have pros and cons, but we do know for sure that evolution in and of itself DOES exist and IS a fact. There is no debating that.

C.J. said...

You guys have fallen for the common misconception.
Evolution IS real and is still occurring to this day. There is no debating that.
The theory you're all referring to is Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection, which is ONE attempt to explain how evolution works. There have been many others, each with its own flaws.
But just because the theory may not be consistent, doesnt mean the phenomenon in and of itself is false.

DNDV2875 said...

Whether or not to believe in God or the Christian God is going to get down to faith and hope.  Likewise the decision not to believe in a God.  The proofs that the author of this post presents are common christian apologetics.  They are rationalizations in support of faith.  If you take the position that faith and hope are good things, then there is nothing wrong with this approach to argument.  However, I think there is something deeply wrong, though not intentionally wrong, in claiming that a set of rationalizations prove a point of view.  It is dangerous and wrong for people to be taught that testimonials about testimonials about interpretations of yet other ancient testimonials are fact.  This kind of reasoning can only be sustained through emotional manipulation ... Fear of the loss of love, fear of rejection by God, fear of hell, fear being the bottom line justification and not reason.  

Atheists tends to do the same thing.  They point to rational reasons to reject a particular faith based world view and claim these rationalizations are proof that there is no God.  Both sides allow their arguments to degenerate into name calling and insulting remarks: one side claiming the other is stupid, one side claiming the other is spiritually dead  and evil.

 Not many realize that until the period of the enlightenment, thinking for one's self was dangerous and uncommon.  People were not free to reason through issues on their own, to experiment, to discover, and to share what they learn.  Kings and priests ruled, and there was not room for change and growth.  Many many long fought battles have taken place in the name of reason, and we are all benefactors whether  athiest or christian or something else. We must recognize what life was like without scientific reason, and we must recognize what is the difference between scientific reasoning and rationalizations for forgone conclusions.  If a person claims christianity or whatever position is the only correct position, then the burden is on them to prove it.  Instead, they toss out repeatedly the same old tired testimonials and rationalizations and then claim they have provided proof.  Worse, they resort to ancient tactics ... They attack the credibility of those who point out that they have not proven their case.  When people feel right though far from being right, it is seriously dangerous and tragic.  

If the point is really love, then show love. If the point is to persuade through scientific reasoning then start answering the many very real and very fair questions people ask.  Show that you have some clue what science is, and stop endlessly repeating the same old discredited arguments.  Stop imagining those who oppose or question you to be evil and yourself to be good.

Anonymous said...

everyones a critic -_-

blotonthelandscape said...

Confirmation bias. Learn about it, and try harder to combat it in your approach to belief. Your entire post smacks of it, from NDE's to miracles and apparitions, to a rejection of evolution and appeals to complexity, to faulty exegesis.

The reason science regularly comes into conflict with religion is that scientific methodology actively avoids all forms of bias, through it's approach, it's tools and it's language; faith-based methodologies do the exact opposite.

FBM's approach is one of pre-suppositions, it's tool is divine revelation (either via ancient scripture or charismatic authority), and it's language is one of black-and-white certainty.

SBM approaches questions with the null hypothesis, it uses an array of tools and technology to extract and analyse data, and it's language is one of caution, uncertainty and significance.

t2t3rice said...

It's hard to imagine how anyone on this planet can claim such outlandish theories about the afterlife... when no one has ever truly died (Hence you couldn't come back and tell about it). FACE IT PEOPLE ... NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW WHAT HAS REALLY HAPPENED.

On one hand, there is science. Yes, they start with facts and put them together to create theories. Yes, there are holes and most scientists cannot fully explain how every living thing has come into existence.

On the other hand, we have theist who insist that they are correct too. With a (man made) bible in one hand and faith in the other they claim heaven and hell, JC, Allah, etc. But who is REALLY right? They surely cannot be all correct ...

It all boils that to this very very ... simple fact, that nobody knows what really happened. And perhaps no one will ever know. I'm going to live this life to the fullest and I'm actually excited when my day comes. If it's blackness and nothingness that ensues, so be it. If I'm suddenly there at the pearly gates of heaven or what not. I'll have my arguments ready of how I lived a life of good and kindness and that I shouldn't be punished. If I'm reincarnated, even more awesome.

One analogy that Atheist & Theist can wrap their head around is this ... If a random leaf in a random forest were to fall from a tree branch to the floor and left to rot for 1000 years and no one was there to witness it, no matter how much faith or scientific theories we can come up with after the fact, will we ever REALLY know if/how/when it happened? We can always infer from the facts given and just like we humans debate the existence of god in modern times, but this moment in time will be lost forever. It ... would be anyones best guess.

In conclusion, you people that debate existence of God or even try to push your agendas on others are a huge waste of life. Go make society better with services or goods you can provide. Go do something productive. You all are debating on lost facts that can never be discovered. Let people believe what they want as long as they don't impede on others.

That's all I gotta say. Lets help humanity grow and mature and do what nature has intended for us to do, which is to procreate and ensure the survival of the human race.

lindsey said...

a lot of questions that arise from non believers is how could the world be built in seven days? God says in the bible that years to us is but like a day to him, the time that passes to those who are limited by time is short, but when you are outside of time itself what is a day and what is a year? when God says he built the world in seven days, what was a "day" to him? however maybe he literally meant 7 of our days, i wouldn't put it beyond God to do such a thing, who am i to say what God can and cannot do?
another i saw is "God says all men are created equal, what about the mental/physically ill?" - i think God didn't mean just physically equal but spiritually, when we re first born we are clean slates, equally formed to choose our life with the free will he gave us. ive seen mentally/physically ill people accomplish more that most "average" people. saying they are not equal because of a medical condition focuses way to much on the physical, our momentary shell, and not our core our soul.
proof of God is everywhere, science proves it, history proves it, things the bible predicted hundreds of years ago are happening today. most historians believe there was a Jesus, some say he was just a teacher, others say hes Gods son, and others say he was a just a wise man. one thing most agree on is he existed and he helped and taught people. people acknowledge that Jesus existed and that he was a good man, they disagree on if he was Gods son, or just a wise man, however we know that he claimed to be Gods son and thats why he was crucified. so either Jesus, the wise man that claimed he was Gods son was a liar, a crazy person, or he really was Gods son like he claimed. look at the facts before you deny him. i know he is real. ive prayed to him and asked him to help me, sometimes he says no and its only years later i understand why, sometimes i dont understand. but sometimes he says yes, in my darkest moments i called to him and he answered.

Anonymous said...

So much information. I really like this page! Thank you to those who have submitted such great Arguments, Jessica, Raidan33, and others. I haven't read them all but plan to come back. I am a Christian that is weak in my Faith. But I still believe and pray that I stay on course. This information here has been great. Thank you! Love to all.

jonathan said...

Ok first this page is fantastic and a real key factor in becoming grounded in your faith as a christian. The big key thing people that are blogging on this, meaning the skeptics and im not saying that im ridiculing you by any means, but the christianity is not just a religion.. and we need to stop looking at it as a religion it is having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Who died for our sins and transgressions and on the 3rd day was raised to life. Now you cant prove that wrong. Excpecially when atheistic scientiests have already proven that Jesus Christ actually walked this earth. The point im getting at here is that Jesus Love YOU! meaning whoever is reading this post Jesus Christ loves you so much. You are reading this right now cause He wants you to know that He loves you no matter what. He just wants to have a relationship with you. God bless you if you have any questions at all please feel free to message me at norton439@morrisville.edu God is a good God! and He does care!

foxrock21 said...

Is there a possibility that we could combine religion and evolution. I mean, we could think that natural selection was God's way of bringing everything that we have now together. Who says God didn't choose which genes would be passed on and which would be left behind for the safety of our(and other) species. Please, someone tell me why we can't combine the two(Beside the fact that there are a lot of religion)

roscoe brown said...

@Jonathan....Who has proven that Jesus actually walked the earth, and what was the proof?

Anonymous said...

People who are saying there's no evidence, what is the bible? So I can just say I don't believe in Abraham Lincoln because I have never seen him? Jesus
is real! We have 4 disciples writing about him and all his miracles! Just look at the dead sea scrolls! It lines up word for word with the bible in Hebrew, there is more than enough evidence to prove that Jesus is real and when judgement day comes be ready!

WWJD said...

I've been a Christian almost 6 years - saved by faith - without doubt I'm a better person than before. Let's say there is nothing after death - we'll be none the wiser- but if there is eternal life either in heaven or hell then many many people will perish - Hebrews 9 says that we die once and then face judgment. Praying for non-believers and shining Jesus in our lives is better use of energy than trying to convince people of things that are only proven true by faith.

josh said...

Christianity is a faith that is in stone unchangeable....God sent his only begot SON(jesus) to die on the cross and yet were here discussing jesus realness...REALLY....last time I check Everybody has breath coming out of them---who gave it to you???? some of you all have a nice house and family-----who gave them to you???? for God sad in Matthew 7:13 "For the gates to hell is wide and broad that lead to destruction, and many go through it; for the gates of heaven are narrow and and difficult and few find it... 2Timothy 2:15 study to show yourself approved to GOD,a worker who doesnt need to be ashamed,correctly teaching the word of truth

Nightshade916 said...

well let's look at it this way, the bible was written from about 2000BC to maybe 200AD idk, Newtonian physics didn't exist until the 1500s maybe? And Modern Physics is a brand new science developed in the early 20th century. The bible is not suppose to be taken into factual content because we have much more factual content today then what we did 3000+ years ago. We just do now because that is the way our society and logic can now work. The way I see it is that evolution did exist, NOT AT RANDOM. Because according to David Hume, probability is the measurement of human ignorance. There are so many equations that determine even the physics of an atomic structure that we humans are most likely never to calculate, that we just call it "probability". What defines a miracle is the extreme improbability of something happening. And God developed the universe from the very beginning (yes 13.7 billion years ago) that the miracles in the bible were suppose to happen in that time in place WITHOUT breaking physical law.

JoshuaTedder said...

I do believe this is quite interesting, but people who are truly against the LORD God will not believe even though the evidence is staring them in the face. People who want to know God will be open-minded, but those who hate God will shut their hearts of stone, like, for example, this very second when you are reading this. However, depending on your views, it is profitable to "train" Christians to "prove" Christianity even though that is not the Christians job and very few people accept Christ because it is "proven" to them. It is this simple: believe in the LORD God and live, or deny Him and have your wretched soul perish in everlasting damnation ... The whole point of this universe guys! Can't you see? The LORD God has created you for His glory, to choose Him or not, and all else simply leads to that, for good or ill. It is the highest theology and philosophy, believe it ... or not ... live with your Creator who seeks to restore you from the destructive forces destroying you and bring you to Him ... or perish, it is really that simple since the entire point of the universe is for Him, to seek and gather those profitable, and to destroy those who aren't ... Amen

JoshuaTedder said...

For you guys who are evolutionists, the entire thing is a completely foolish fabrication of the unbeliever. There is no way that the Creator did not design us, the chance for evolution to just randomly create us is completely impossible. In today's terms, to be "smart" is formulating different ways to deny God, and in so doing, have become dumb. Another example of you either believing the Truth or denying it.

Barry Ben Bello said...

Though there is no phyical icon to point the believe in God, but all logic could be us used, one thing we need to know is *there can never be such thing as blood out of stone, no mater what catalyst we use* and more so a Mind, Brain, Heart, Reproduction, Love, Hate etc. Combined to be from some rocks.
Really it takes more faith to believe that i was once a stone, monke, bird etc than it requares to believe that some one made me for a purpose.
I need God than he, me, He love and like me and want me to do the same, who am i to question where he came from, spiritualism shuts my mouth up.
Pls Science, rise the dead, use catalyst to form the first 3 stages of evolution, form artificial flesh from stone.
Answer me: was i a tree, plant also before now? What brains do trees use to select their varieties.
I have more but not for now, and dont think am crazy because i think so of you

Overdo it, I encourage it! said...

The Universe started with light, when I was agnostic I didn't know the light bearer brought the light Himself, now I know, and the childish God revealed Himself: the secular origin of the Universe is the same as God bringing the light, therefore God exists, and Descartes is just His son (silly enough). For all the false churches around the world, you're forgiven, now go writing comments in peace. Amen!

Overdo it, I encourage it! said...

For all the false churches in the world, I forgive you, and I have mercy on you, the light where the Universe secularly came from is the same as God's light, therefore God exists, now go make comments in peace, and be very happy. Amen!

(anonym) said...

Thanks for everything God is doing through you, brothers or sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ! you are great and I will pray for you. continue the Holy work in the Lord. hold out, and remember, nothing is impossible for God! God bless you all! Hallelujah!

Scince Astro said...

In reply to Raidan33:
1)I don't think the Bible ever mentions that Earth is 6000 years old. In addition to carbon-dating, we can determine that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years because uranium-238's half-life is around 4.5 billion years. It is clear that Earth is several billion years old. You don't have to be an evolutionist to find out that!!!

2)People weren't that smart 100 years ago. There are lots of methods to find out Earth's age.

3)The matter and energy from the Big Bang wasn't evenly spread as you think it was. Galaxies formed where there was more density of matter.

4)Why should they've rotated the same way? It is only logic that they all don't rotate the same way.Also, if a galaxy rotates clockwise seen from above, it would spin anti-clockwise if seen from below (the opposite is also true). Also, you're supposedly talking about spiral galaxies (to me, it seems so). Remember the elliptical and irregular ones? Of course, all kinds of galaxies also needs to rotate, or else they would've collapsed.

5)That depends on. If a planet captures another, smaller planet, it is a moon. Which way the moon rotates around the planet depends on, in this instance at least, on which side of the planet the small planet came. the planets mostly rotate and orbit the the same way the sun rotates. However, the sun orbits our galaxy clockwise, looking down from the north pole of galactic center.

6)You are wrong, we can in fact many star formations ongoing right now in the Orion Nebula and the Eagle Nebula. So it's definitely possible to see star formations.

7)It is true that the Earth's rotation has slowed down during many millions of years. The reason is that the Moon is slowly but steady moving away from us (2cm a year). The Earth transfer angular momentum to the moon, which is why it moves further away.Since the moon pulls on Earth, it causes Earth to rotate slower as the moon moves away. Since the Moon moves away, it must have been closer earlier in Earth's history. This leads to the hypothetical theory, that when the Earth was geologically young, a mars-sized planet, Theia, hit Earth on its side, about 4 billion years ago. Theia's iron core molded into Earth's core. The rests of the collision began to collect in orbit around Earth, and became the Moon. When Earth was about 2 or 3 billion years, a rotation lasted only 21 hours (The Moon slows Earth's rotation as it moves farther away)!

8) The reason why the Moon moves farther away from Earth is NOT magnetic fields!!!! Earth passes its angular momentum to the Moon!

9)Darwin's theory about evolution is NOT a theory, it is a fact!!! A scientific theory is roughly the same as a fact! No one has ever been able to disprove this fact. Ever had biology? Science is actually quite fun if you understand it!

10) wouldn't that cause inbreeding afterwards? If so, we would've had little genetic variation, little enough to die from quick changes in environments, but most likely from inbreeding. I'm sorry but all life is related to one another. Remember that the population only recently has begun to rise drastically. I suggest you take a biology course!

11)You forget diseases and epidemics piling up through the years, such as the Black Death.

12)Hmmmmmm yeah some of us might even be related to Lucy...

13)Are you so sure sin exists? It is part of life! Not only humans sin, but animals can also do bad things against each other!

14)Yes, that is true.

15)Yes, the Bible says that Earth is round, but it doesn't say that it is spherical (as a ball)! They could have believed that it was round, but still flat, just like a paper circle.

16)Possibly, but not certain that it was the reason.

17)Where does it say that?

18)You say that the Bible hasn't been wrong yet, but if you see this, you'll see that I have lots of arguments against you, so don't think you can fool those who knows about this stuff!

Melki said...

To Scince Astro

1. We believe in Noah's flood so we believe that the rate of decay of carbon could vary overtime. In fact carbon in diamonds could be found. The dating method is not as reliable as it seemed.
You didn't answer to his mammoth dating argument. A mammoth could not have originated from many different times at once.

4. Yes the galaxies rotate, that doesn't say that it came from a spinning origin. Raiden33 already took account different perspectives. The problem is, if our galaxy was a spinning disk it would've shown in the way the planets spread and the direction of their spin now, but such proofs don't seemed to materialize.
And how come gasses could evolve into planets in the first place? The universe is simply not done by nobody, it took an intelligent choice making acts to made it all possible.

5. If that's the case why didn't the moon got thrown back out into space? Are you saying that earth's gravity alone could absorbed the outward momentum of a thing as massive as the moon? Or was it an asteroid hitting the moon at exactly the right spot while it was captured?

7. Are you for real? which one is it, moon was captured or was formed from earth's debree? if something that massive happened how come we don't have a ring like saturn?

8. Which one of this arguments is true? There's another argument that says Moon got further from the earth because of the gravity of the tide. The mass of the ocean accerelated the Moon's rotation in some particular spots constantly, that contributes to the propelling of the moon's movement from the earth.

9. Evolution is a fact but it's doesn't show the absence of God. And it's still unproven to be able to sufficiently hold as the only explanation for current existence of animals and matters.

12. Unproven

13. How come the universe is still going on? How come existence existed? They must consistently directed towards interactions that kept on maintaining their potentials / probability for future interactions.
Sin is when an interaction is not compatible to support each other. Sin is logically comprehensible.

15. He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.
For as the heaven is high above the earth, [so] great is his mercy toward them that fear him.
As far as the east is from the west, [so] far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

Psalm 103,

And then, also in Psalm 103,

But the mercy of the LORD [is] from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children;

To such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his commandments to do them.

Ok so from eternity to eternity God's Love,
As far as the east from the west --> the earth is round.
As far is the heaven above the earth --> the vast space of the universe.

Ok, now I have my own argument for creation,

1. Dinosaurs were buried in piles on top of each other. They were all fossilized together, and some in ceasure like positions. This accounts for Noah's flood.

2. Mini grand canyon could be seen in the site of Mt. St. Helen currently, it shows that Grand Canyon could be formed rapidly in global flood not through millions of years.

3. Evolutionist are not free from mistakes, sometimes they jumped to conclusions this thing is just a religion made to attack existing ones, as can be seen with darwin's mistake on the way animals and the environment could direct their own evolution, the mistake about coelacanth, the constant speed of light, humanly depictions of apelike missing links while they are actually brute animals and that oils came from fossil fuel.

4. If the bible was wrong, how come we don't see missing links in abundance?

Jordan Hayles said...

I myself am not against chrisitanity but Ive always got irritated when people are so hooked to the christian belief that thats all they know. What makes chrisitanity so right and others wrong. At the end of the day all religions are only just beliefs. Nothing more. Trying to prove the Existance of God or gods etc is a task that mankind has been trying to do since the beginning of time. Alot of the beliefs of christianity come from buddahism.Years before Jesus Christ was even thought of. So if christianity picks up it beliefs and traditions from other religions what makes it so right. Also Jesus regardless if you accept him as the Son of God was the greates Martyer of his time. His teaching on moral philosophy and love spoke to the hearts of men at that time. He ven proved by his actions according to the bible But he is not the only one who did miracles and gave sight to the blind. That doesnt make them devils. They could very well be blessed with those abilites as much as Christ was. There were many great leaders before and after Jesus. All of which talked bout the greater good, morals, helping your fellow neighbor, and showing kindess. The reason alot of peoile belive in jesus is because they were brought up from birth to believ in this and they had no choice but to listen to there parents. This kind of religion crippled children from learning about anythinglese in the world. I was once ignorant of other things in the world just like alot of christans are. But I decided for myself to step outside of its stranglehold and foind out what life really means for me. I dont belive in an everlasting punsishment or torment. Nor do I beleive chritianity is the one True religion. Nor am I convinced that Jesus Christ was the only righteous leader in the history of the world. All of the religions are just beliefs. There is no real concrete evidence to support any of this. However I do believ there is a Higher Power out there. And no Im not going to suufice with it being confound to the chrsitan god. When he decides to reveal him/her it will be a revalation that none of us would be able to comprehend. But as of now I live my life according to how I want toi. I live my life for me. Not because some God commands me to., Buty I live it because I want to. I treat others right not because Ill be damned if I dont b ut I want to treat people right. I dont have to read the bible,koran,torah or any of the other books to tell me to do good. Because I dod it out of my own desire.

Anonymous said...

To answer those who say that miracles can't exist and God can't create miracles:

Simply put a miracle is a happening, occurrence, change that is outside of our current knowledge of science.

We humans live in 4 dimensions (length, width, height and time). If a Being who exists in more than 4 dimensions interacts with us, what we would consider a miracle would occur.

Let's make it a little simpler. Let's say you drew a stick person on a piece of paper. That stick dude is 2 dimensional. Then you take another sheet of paper and draw a stick girl. You could take that stick girl and transfer her to the paper with the stick dude. To the stick people, it would be a "miracle". But to you, who live in extra dimensions and have control over their world, it is natural.

Let's go to further say:
The stick people do not believe that you drew them (or that anyone drew them for that matter). They do not believe in a world beyond the one they know. They do not think you exist because you are not in their 2 dimensional world like they are. They cannot prove or disprove your existence because their scope and understanding is limited.
But then, the stick dude cries out and asks you if you exist. Due to the fact that you are not limited to 2 dimensions, you can answer him and be infinitely closer to him than any of his 2 dimensional friends can be.
Although, he will not grasp you fully because of your largeness and extra-dimensionality. Any part of you will appear to him in a limited form of 2 dimensions.

This is how we are with God. Originally, God created us to interact in all dimensions, like Him. However, the fall of man stripped the others away. Even now our brains only operate the 10% out of the 100. But when we call out to God, He answers us in our limited understanding.

Can we honestly think to reason how God thinks or feels? Can we really shove God- the Creator of All- away because He doesn't fit into our box? The answer is no! The only way to know is to experience Him. And from there, to accept that He is more complex than you can fathom.

Ishtar said...

Response (1 of 2)
In response to the previous post. The person may not realize it but evolution is a religion. It takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does Christianity. Evolutionist believe they came from rocks. After billions of years of rain on rocks it created a pre-biotic soup that eventually lead to man...by accident and against incredible odds.
1) What proof do evolutionist have that the earth is billions of years old? Carbon dating? Look into this method of aging and it is serious flawed. How can you have all different ages from the same mammoth?
First and foremost your argument is completely misunderstood. Carbon dating does not assign a date to one single species. I am 19 that does not make you 19.

2) Earth is aging incredibly fast, about 100 years ago scientists said the earth was 10,000 years old and since then it has kept climbing over the years until the current age of 5 billion. I’m glad to hear they have the age down so pat.
About 100 years ago Carbon Dating was non existent. Carbon Dating was founded in 1949 therefore there would be no scientific evidence to prove that the Earth was 10,000 years old but with today’s modern advances we now have a better understanding.

3) The Big Bang Theory is a dud. Billions of years ago a tiny spinning dot exploded. When things explode fragments fly away from the explosion in a spread. Why do we then have clusters of galaxies? Matter should have been spread away from each other, further from the center the farther each piece should go away from each other.
Reading this point you have made it clear that you are uneducated in the laws of physics and gravity. When the Big Bang happened billions upon billions of tiny spinning particles, as you would call it, gravitated around the Big Bang. It created billions of stars that over time collided and became bigger stars. These huge stars having incredible gravitational fields were capable of shaping the universe into what it is today. With billions of stars interacting every moment of time with each having its own unique qualities that define it the universe has spread to what it is.

4) If this spinning dot exploded, why do we have galaxies spinning in different directions? What happened to the “Conservation of Angular momentum”?
Again there are billions of particles interacting with the Universe. These particles shape the movement of every imaginable thing in this universe there is today.

5) Even more curious, why in our own galaxy do we have moons on other planets spinning in two different directions?
Again you really need to learn about gravity.

6) Why is that we only see stars die and not being birthed? Perhaps because of Boyle’s Law? The heat generated from gases coming together pushes them back apart, what is the sun made out of?
Well this can be easily answered with a phrase you’ve more than likely heard. Rome was not built in a day. Stars are not created in a day they are created upon millions of years when

Anonymous said...

If your so sure about Evolution, you might wanna check this out.... If Evolution was so true, then why would Darwin question his own theory on his death bed???? and where are the transitional fossil records??... why are they evading us to this day?..If everything evolved from some common thing, why are there no transitional fossils to prove this, the video above is a clear indicator that evolution is flawed and i feel so bad for who ever believes in it. Evolution is like taking all the pieces of a watch and throwing them in a shoe box, you can shake the box as much as you want but everybody knows that no matter how much you shake it, its not going to come together to be a watch. There has to be a designer and a creator to all things,everything has a creator, a painting has a artist, a book a author and so on and so fourth.. Nobody can argue with the facts, the bible has been proven right time and time again, why are there fish fossils deep in the Appalachian mts? hmmmm maybe a flood? do some actual research and read the bible for those of you who question it, and the truth will smack you right in your face.

Thomas Wissman said...

I think you all should just watch the South Park episode on evolution. South Park never lies.

missyurijo said...

I am a Christian. I know this is truly a tough argument. There are many "proofs", as we call it, in this argument. But we need to think about why we are here. Why? On this ball of life called Earth? Why does evolution need you to exist? If you were to just live and die, why be here in the first place?
God shows us the purpose. His purpose. He made us so He can love us. And what servant will not love his own creator back?
For non-Christians you guys are desperate to trash the facts of God right infront of you. You don't look straight. You stray away. And it's actually not your fault. It's satan's.
Some people ask: If God is good, then why did he make evil? I'm not an expert by any means but to put it simple, there has to be bad if there is good. Good, then bad.
I hope you understood my comment without any misconceptions or hate.
See you guys in heaven.

Justin Kim said...

@Raidan33 thank you.
I have heard a sermon from our pastor about the history of christianity and why it is scientifically proven to be correct. He had said everything you have mentioned and that was a very good recap. TY.

Marinos Pittali said...

I like how atheist say that we have no evidence of the existence of the god,which is very inaccurate and we have many but i won't expand that right now, so don't believe them until they have evidence that god DOES NOT exist.And turn that back to them...

Joshua Steiner said...

Those who refuse to believe that God exists will never find Him. It's like a scientist who refuses to look for the evidence of atoms. If he's not looking for atoms, he will never find them! The same thing with God. If they aren't looking for him, of course they are going to reject these claims!

Second of all, why would I want to be an atheist? I have no incentive, nor ANY evidence to support the view, so would I believe in something that I believe not to be true? It sure doesn't have much evidence, if ANY for it. Atheism would never lead me to a better life, nor does it explain why we exist. Now, some people may think its useless to explain life, but it really isn't. Once we find the truth about what life is about, we can live the best lives possible. I believe that the only faith that explains this and is true would be Christianity.

And to the atheists who were commenting on this page, you REALLY do not understand the Bible. While I don't exactly agree with the arguments on this page (I can see the holes in them), Atheists are spouting the same crap that I hear everywhere I go. The Atheists who actually read the Bible realize that they are wrong. For example, Lee Strobel was a long time atheist. And I know of many others out there who have rejected atheism. There have been some very, VERY devout atheists who have become christians. I don't think you can explain that.

I would also like to state this: There are no such things as atheists. They believe in a god. They worship at an altar. They worship at the Altar of Reason and Science. Their god is one that has failed them MANY times. It can't do anything. It resides in the minds of depraved men. I, myself, am a scientist. And reason is very good. People who reason make better decisions. BUT, the fact of the matter remains that I don't put Reason and Science on a higher "pedestal" than I do the One True God. They do. Something that is always changing, untruthful, hurtful, "back-stabber", and many other things. While scientists have discovered amazing things, it is not something we should worship. Science cannot save us. It cannot even improve this world. Sure, the many advancements made by science itself has lead to great things. But the fact of the matter remains that it does not lead people to become better, to change their lives. It does not allow them transform them into a different person, who one does not live selfishly, and ignorantly.

That brings up another thought. There are two options at this point. One.) Science disproves religion (which it clearly doesn't or I, myself, would not be a scientist). Or Two.) People are deceiving us. I have found conflicting information between Atheists and Christians. I have found that there are Atheists who have distorted the facts just to prove themselves right. It happens MANY times. When data does not fit the "premeditated" conclusion, I have found that researchers "make up" data to fit. If they don't, and their hypothesis or "premeditated" conclusion is not proven, they lose tenure with the University. They HAVE to make up data. Especially when it doesn't fit.

Joshua Steiner said...

All of this is coming from someone who was an Agnostic/Atheist for quite a long time. I finally realized that the claims about Christianity being a false religion, being one of decent and control, was all a LIE. It was really a lie. Atheists who think they know the truth, all the believe is a lie that comforts them. Why would anyone want to be an Atheist? The only reason I could come up were these: First, they did not want to listen to the "crazy" ideas put forth in the Bible itself. I know that, because I have atheists friends who actually believe that. They don't want to listen to the Bible. And two.) They have been LIED to. I know this. I have seen people distort the facts, as I mentioned so clearly above.

And lastly, before I leave. QUIT WITH THE STUPID BIG BANG THEORY. You have absolutely NO evidence for it. If you're going to make a ridiculous claim, I don't want an article explaining why its true. I want ACTUAL data. I've been studying it for a long time, and even when I was skeptical of Christianity, I never found it to be plausible. In my opinion, it takes MORE faith to believe in it then Christianity's supposed "mythology". And I don't think you really understand Carbon-dating. Of ALL of the research papers I have read about carbon dating, nearly ALL of them state that carbon dating is NOT accurate for more than 28,000 years. And that's discluding all of the shaky assumptions about it. Carbon dating does NOT in any way, shape or form prove that the earth is millions of years old. IF ANYTHING, it proves that the earth CANNOT be millions of years old. If the Big Bang Theory really were true, and everything was "spinning" in the very beginning, according to the laws of Physics it would HAVE to be spinning in the same position, especially if it was an uncontrolled "explosion" in a vacuum, in which no other forces were able to interact. I am a meteorologist, I have studied Newtonian physics enough to understand it.

That's it. My rant is complete. I shall leave with a quote:

"I believe in Christianity as I believe in the rising sun; not because I see it, but by it I can see all else. "

And like I said. You can't argue with an Atheist on the subject of religion. If they aren't willing to accept that it could be true, or even LOOK for God, they will never find the truth. That's how it is. That's how it always will be. Christians may never be able to prove atheists wrong scientifically because of many reasons. But I know in the end, God will.

Skyler Lotts said...

If an atheist is wrong, It hurts them, not me
If I am wrong, it doesn't hurt me

Wyatt Brule said...

Do you believe Plato or George Washington or Columbus walked the earth at one time? If so, why? Who has proven that they did? We generally have FAITH in the testimonials of others about everything we learn about. That is why faith is so important. Without faith, we can only rely on ourselves for the answer to anything and everything. Anyone who believes anything that anyone else has said had faith in that person that what they said is the truth. Having faith in Jesus must also mean that we have faith that what those (who died for teaching about him - who would die for a lie?) who testified about him were telling the truth. If you really want to see that biblical prophesies coming true, watch the Daniel Project on Netflix.

Trev said...

I don't have a belief, i'm not an atheist because i don't disprove anyone, that's not right to tell someone their wrong. Nor is it right to be a christian and tell someone his view on science is wrong. so the way i look at it, everyone who argues needs to shut up and grow up. Hey you don't believe in God, COOL! hey you think that God exists, yanno what, right on ya! if God teaches love and equality, get used to the atheists and leave them alone, and for the atheists, if your parents raised you right you would know to stop bashing on the christians and not be a bully. I BELIEVE that BELIEFS tear people apart, create cliques and groups that shun one another. it's not right, we're all humans, we all need to get along. To me the best train of thought is to keep an open mind.

Sherin Shibu said...

Everything I've studied in science seems to be somewhat...random.
Random mutations occur within a species that makes them better adapted to survival (Survival of the Fittest)and that proves Darwin's theory of evolution (we all evolved into what we are by the ones with the successful mutations surviving and dominating)!
My response: The Theory of Evolution is not a scientific law or a law of biology. A scientific law must be 100% correct. Failure to meet only one challenge proves the law is wrong. This is merely a hypothesis on what could've happened. As we've seen time and time again, science can be proven wrong when there's new evidence to consider. God's Law > Man's Law. God's Law survives throughout the generations (we have a book written about 2,000 years ago that is still accurate in our lives today and is a source of inspiration to Christians worldwide) while man's laws (ideas, thoughts) are subject to change.
The genes that we have (the phenotype and genotype) from each parent are...random! It's all a spinning of the dice where your physical, mental, and emotional health is concerned. So you believe you have no choice where you're placed? It's all a chance of fate and you go with the flow, not knowing who's controlling the current. You really believe you have no purpose in the gift of life you've been granted?

Atheists argue that there is no God- check the indisputable evidence about God's miracles in people's lives, or, better yet, pick up a Bible and start to read! Jesus performed many, many miracles and you will find reoccurring examples of miracles throughout the four gospels. Everyone's being informed about evolution and atheist beliefs in school, and people argue based on what they've learned there... Check out the opposing sides' viewpoint (you can't argue if you don't know what you're up against!) first please!

History repeats itself, right? I've found that throughout history the side with God's power always wins. Argue mental stimulation all you want, but there is a higher power, it is apparent if you look in the right places, and I hope someone argues against me because my faith is testable and true and in as great shape as my mind, thank you very much.

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Someone said...

With stories like this I won't read comments because of stupid stiff-necked hardhearted atheist saying retarded thing and I always get mad and morning God and Hus people. Those comments from those who hate us are full of contention. I'll try to avoid contention.

Dr Quar said...

To the poster above, don't fret, I am an atheist and I don't hate Christians. I just fail to understand the hypocrisy between the religions that all propose they are the "true" way. Can they all be right? Why is one more believable than another? and of course all the contradictory acts of horror that have been committed by religous zealots.

Jim said...

Not all religions, or for that matter world views can right. There is only one truth; however, as C.S. Lewis has said, some things are closer to the truth than others. However when you have contradictory beliefs, then it stands to reason that either one is closer than the other or both are flat wrong. We must decide for ourselves what we believe to be true based on observation, logic and testimony of others. Our beliefs then may or may not be near the truth. I've observed, read, listened, and thought about many different beliefs and have come to believe in the Christian God.

Lydia Joy said...

to all you people who say that the Bible cant be used as a source because it isn't reliable....right because 40 plus men just decided to all write about the same kind of stuff and tell the same stories even though many of the men didn't even know each other....they just thought it'd be funny? no!! how else do you think it was written? by the divine hand of the living God

forever learning said...

How can get in touch with Raidan33? I would love to glean from his/her knowledge!

muhamad izzudin said...

find a christian who converted to islam and ask him/her why....
and find a muslim who converted to christian and ask the same question...
tell him/her to answer sincerely

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