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Islam Vs. Christianity - A Direct Comparison Of The Christian Bible With The Teachings Of Muhammad In The Koran

It is absolutely stunning the number of people that you will find on the internet that believe that Christians and Muslims worship the same god.

Now, for those of you who know the Bible, you know that this is obviously not true.

But unfortunately, the vast majority of people in our society do NOT know the Scriptures these days, and people are getting increasingly confused about spiritual matters with each passing year.

For those who want to really study the important differences between the God of the Bible and the "god" of Islam, the following website has an amazing chart of these differences covering such topics as: who God is, the deity of Jesus Christ, salvation, eternal judgment, creation, the Word of God, murder, violence, war and oppression, morality, and the treatment of women:


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elhussein said...

The God of the NT is completley diffrenet from the one in the OT ...I think this should be prior argument if you will be using the OT to prove a trinity from Genesis ...your argument about this subject is with the Jews first ...then after a settelement with them you can move to the Great faith of Islam and start comparing and diffrentiating .

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