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Why Won't Evolutionists Admit The Weaknesses In The Theory Of Evolution? Why Are They So Resistant To New Evidence?

Why won't evolutionists simply come out and acknowledge that there is incredibly little "evidence" for the "theory" of evolution?

Instead, Darwinists cling to their ideas like it is a religion.

And it is a religion.

Below are just a couple of quotations that show just how extremely weak the evidence for the theory of evolution really is:

In 1982 Dr. Lyall Watson stated: "The fossils that decorate our family tree are so scarce that there are still more scientists than specimens. The remarkable fact is that all of the physical evidence we have for human evolution can still be placed, with room to spare, inside a single coffin!"

A 1994 article in Time Magazine admitted: "Yet despite more than a century of digging, the fossil record remains maddeningly sparse. With so few clues, even a single bone that doesn't fit into the picture can upset everything. Virtually every major discovery has put deep cracks in the conventional wisdom and forced scientists to concoct new theories, amid furious debate."

And why won't evolutionists discuss the remarkable finds that keep popping up out there?

The photo posted above is of a giant human femur reportedly found in Turkey.

Why are these kinds of discoveries always suppressed?

Is it Because they don't fit into existing theories?

I thought that we were all supposed to be looking for the truth.

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