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Understanding Slavery & Servanthood In The Law Of Moses And The Rest Of The Bible

If you surf around the internet today, you will find many atheists, skeptics and critics of Christianity claiming that there was "slavery" in the Old Testament. Actually, it was NOT slavery as we think of it from the early days of America. Rather, what we find in the Old Testament is much more accurately described as "servanthood", and these "servants" were very similar to what we call "employees" today. In fact, in many instances it went beyond that, as many "servants" were considered part of the family.

To illustrate this, let's set up a scenario. In those days you are a poor Israelite, and you have no land and you have no resources to operate your own business.

So what do you do?

You work as a servant for someone else and perhaps your children do as well if they are old enough to work.

"Well that is just horrible!"

Oh really?

What about you and I?

I don't know about you, but as for me, and most others in modern society, we are working as wage servants this very day.

We have sold ourselves and our labor to our employers for money.

"Well that is just horrible!"

Oh really?

It's called having a job. Not everyone has the resources to be independent. All throughout human history people with less resources have had to work for people with more resources. You will find it in pretty much every economic system around the world.

So in those days if a kid was old enough they weren't going to sit around playing video games or going to the mall.......they were either going to work for their family or for someone else.

And they couldn't go down the street and get a job at McDonalds.

Also, in the Law there were very specific instructions for how to treat your "servants".....this was NOTHING like the slavery of the early American days.

So the next time a skeptic comes along and starts railing about the "slavery" in the Bible.....tell them to get the facts and to do some real research.

God cares deeply about all people, and if one takes the time to actually see what the Scriptures say, then that becomes very apparent.

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