Evidence For Christianity

Documenting The Overwhelming Evidence For The Christian Faith

Christianity Is Unlike Other Religions - It Has Solid, Verifiable Evidence That It Is True

This article is for honest seekers and skeptics who are seeking the real truth about Christianity.

This article is also for Christians who desire to learn how to defend their faith. Our churches have generally done a completely MISERABLE job of teaching Christians how to defend the Christian faith.

All religions are not created equal. In fact, most religions do not have ANY evidence to back them up. Christianity is different. There is literally a MOUNTAIN of evidence for Christianity. What you will find in this article are just a few pebbles from that mountain, but every journey starts with a few steps.

Please do not post a comment to this article if you do not take significant time looking through the following material. Quickly clicking a link or two and then posting a wisecrack is not going to do anyone any good.

What we are looking for is the truth. Personally, I have investigated these things for over 20 years, and I have found that Christianity is solidly based in history, in logic and in solid, verifiable evidence. In this article we will only investigate a few of the basic areas of evidence, but that should be a good start for most people.

So let us begin:

-God DOES exist. The following short videos are by an ex-atheist and ex-evolutionist who is a graduate of Yale Law School. These videos drive atheists and skeptics crazy, but for a fuller treatment of this topic, please read Strobel's excellent book entitled "The Case For A Creator":


-Jesus Christ really did come to the earth:


-Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead:


-All of this was foretold by God in the Bible with specificity:

(Click "Watch" to view the presentation)



-Jesus is alive and doing miracles in our day:


-Jesus is alive and is appearing to people all over the globe:




-Jesus is coming again and the signs that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass right in front of our eyes:


-Credible witnesses have seen the afterlife and have come back and reported to us that it is exactly as the Bible describes:




-The afterlife is very real, so make the right choice and invite Jesus into your life today:


If you are interested in becoming a Christian, the following is a great place where you can learn more:



Anonymous said...

You are a complete imbecile.

Andy in San Diego and Elsewhere said...

If Christianity is true, doesn't that mean Judaism is true, too, since it is effectively the Old Testament of the Christian Bible?

David said...

Yes, and it also means that every other Abrahamic religion has an equal basis. Then again, there is significant historical evidence for the existence of Zoroaster, but because that religion is much smaller, I'm sure this evidence would be 'dismissed' in a show of typical hypocrisy.

Shattered Paradigm said...


Perhaps you could challenge the evidence rather than calling us names.

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