Evidence For Christianity

Documenting The Overwhelming Evidence For The Christian Faith

Have You Heard The Eyewitness Testimonies From Those Who Have Seen Heaven And Seen Hell?

Posted below are eyewitness testimonies from individuals who have seen heaven and who have seen hell. We would encourage you to view these accounts with an open heart and an open mind:

To Hell and Back - Terrifying Accounts from Individuals Who Have Actually Been to Hell:


23 Minutes in Hell:


90 Minutes in Heaven:


An African Man Come Back to Life After being Dead for 3 days:


The evidence is in and it is conclusive - The Bible is real!

Christianity is the only faith that has the evidence to back it up.

It is time to face the overwhelming evidence for Christianity:

-God DOES exist:


-Jesus Christ really did come to the earth:


-Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead:


-All of this was foretold by God in the Bible with specificity:

(Click "Watch" to view the presentation)

-Jesus is appearing to people all over the globe:




-Jesus is coming again and the signs that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass right in front of our eyes:


If you want to know more about becoming a Christian, I would encourage you to visit this site:


If you have more questions, or you just want to leave your opinion, feel free to express yourself in our comments section.

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TastyPaper said...

You know what the funny thing about personal experiences is? You can't self verify the experience. You may think it happened, but since there was no one else there to corroborate the experience, you can't be totally sure that it happened, or that it happened the way you think it did. I'm sure these people think they went to Heaven or Hell, but since no one else witnessed the person going to these places, no one can say for sure that they did.

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